Who We Are
Who are we?
In one word, we are chemists. We are chemistry professionals in academia and industry. We are post-doctoral scientists, graduate students, and undergraduates. We are anybody that has ever been connected to the chemistry field in one way or another. has clearly defined goals to get where we're going. Who can help us there? Chemistry professionals in both academia and industry, professors, post-doctoral scientists, graduate students, and undergraduate students are all part of our global chemistry network. needs everyone's help and that includes YOU!

Think of it this way, could Wikipedia be the global resource it is today if only one person wrote articles? After being launched in January of 2001, Wikipedia exploded to 20,000 articles by the end of its first year online! At we know what the chemistry community wants and have simply provided the platform by which our users can input and display a wealth of knowledge. This project has to start somewhere so rather than get discouraged at what information is not yet in the system, take comfort in knowing that you are just one member of our online community. With YOUR help, we can ensure that serves as an accurate and reliable source for everyone in our global chemistry network.
As professionals in the chemical industry, we have a vested interest in academia. Professors that host their sites at are better able to share the exciting research coming out of their labs as well as communicate news and events related to their group. This impacts chemistry professionals who may be recruiting to fill new positions within their company. Also, chemistry professionals have roots in many levels of academia and use to connect and reconnect with those colleagues. Of course, professors aren't the only people with chemisTrees. Chemistry professionals that are registered with can see their own chemisTree absolutely free of charge!

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As professors in academia, the internet represents perhaps the largest percentage of how we communicate within the global chemistry community. The impact of a professor's website cannot be overstated. Take a minute and think about who is using the internet to learn more about you and your institution. At any given moment, your site could be viewed by prospective undergraduate students, prospective graduate students, prospective post-docs, or colleagues in academia as well as in industry. As a registered professor at, not only can you view and add to YOUR chemisTree, but you also have the ability to create your own personal website hosted at With all of the features that personal websites hosted at have to offer, can you really afford NOT to create your own site today?

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Post-doctoral Scientists
As post-doctoral scientists at institutions across the world, we are as interested as anyone at viewing our chemisTrees. can also serve as an excellent resource for post-docs looking to make connections throughout the global chemistry network. Whether you are looking at going into industry or academia, can help you with your search. Our initial goals are centered on universities and faculties, but as we make progress toward those goals, our focus will turn to the chemical industry. You can help us bring those networks together, not to mention inputting your advisors' chemical geneaologies and thereby helping your own mychemisTree grow!

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Graduate Students
As graduate students at academic institutions, our chemisTrees have started to take shape. In fact, it is often the graduate students that truly help our site grow. Perhaps it is a generational thing, perhaps it is simply a matter of time spent on the internet in general, but graduate students play a large part in the growth of You want to see your own chemisTree, but in order to grow that tree, in turn, you must grow your advisors' chemisTrees. also serves as an invaluable resource for chemistry graduate students throughout the world. As a registered member you have access to the global chemistry network which can help you find what you are looking for at the next level. Whether you are looking to begin your professional career or would like the opportunity to do post-doctoral research, can help you reach your goals.

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Undergraduate Students
As undergraduate students at academic institutions, we are ready to begin filling our chemisTrees. is an excellent source for students looking to begin undergraduate research at your academic institution. If you are already doing research, you can view your advisor's chemisTree which will make up the first branch of your own chemisTree. also serves as arguably the best resource for undergraduates looking to become prospective graduate students. Whether graduate school is in your plans or you would like to begin your professional career, gives you unparalleled access to the entire global chemistry community.

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