Where We're Going
Where are we going?
Three Year Plan
Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was This project spent over three years in the making before being launched on Jan 1, 2010. The first set of goals focused on private group web sites hosted by At its core, was designed to offer professors a public face for their private group to communicate with the global chemistry community. Utilizing a Content Management System, private groups at always remain fresh and up-to-date, without the need to learn how or hire someone to design and/ or update their private group site at regular intervals. Private groups hosted at are the affordable solution that professors all around the world have been looking for. To learn more about what private groups at have to offer, please take our Private Group Tour!

Although private group hosting at is complete, new features are always being added. You can follow what new features are in the works in our New Features Forum. As always if you have any ideas on how we can improve private groups hosted at, please post them in the Feature Requests Forum.

The design team at has just begun to tackle the public site. Long term, we envision the public site at as a place where students (at all levels), graduates, post-docs, and professors can find the information they are looking for. Users will be able to browse through universities and view current faculties as well as the complete chemical genealogy for every professor in the system and all of this will be completely FREE! In order to reach our desired destination, we plan to accomplish three main goals over the next three years.
Where do we start?
2010 Goal
First, we need to fill our database with universities. We have determined that there are approximately 1200 academic institutions in the United States which offer at least a bachelors in chemistry. By the end of 2010, we plan to have all of these colleges and universities entered into our system.
2011 Goal
Next, we need to add professors into our database. Obviously we are not waiting for all academic institutions to be entered into our system before beginning to add professors. The addition of a professor into our system is not as simple as a name and university. We utilize a complete biographical sketch of the individual to fully link that professor to other professors already in our database. Our goal for 2011 is to have 5,000 US professors entered into our system.
2012 Goal
Finally, we want to take worldwide. By the end of 2012, we want to have the foundation necessary to expand globally. This includes the addition of academic institutions outside of the US along with their corresponding professors as well as the ability to view in several different languages. After all, chemistry is truly a worldwide discipline and is striving to create a truly global network for the chemistry community.
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