Johnston Group Facilities
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one of three HP 1100 HPLCs
Our laboratory is located on the 12th floor of MRBIV, along with the Sulikowski and Lindsley labs.

Our group infrastructure includes an MBRAUN inert atmosphere box (for organometallic chemistry or similarly water- and air-sensitive organic synthesis), two computer-driven HP-1100 HPLCs equipped with a vacuum degasser, 4-solvent mixing system, autosampler, 5-column changer, diode array UV-VIS detector, and chiral columns for asymmetric synthesis, and an Agilent LCMS. A fourth HPLC is configured for semi-preparative reverse-phase separation work. A Varian GC is also equipped with autosampler and chiral columns for enantioselective reaction development. An in situ IR reaction monitoring (Mettler Toledo iC10) is used for mechanistic studies. An MPLC (rebranded, polished, and sold as a 'Combiflash') is also available for repetitive chromatography. Solvent can be removed directly from racks of chromatography tubes using our Genevac. Our most recent addition is a Malvern Microcalorimeter for isothermal titration calorimetry - so cool!

Medical Research Building IV is wireless network accessible, and many students own laptop computers in addition to group workstations.

At the departmental level, an extensive lineup NMR instrumentation is readily available. Our group makes routine use of the more sophisticated 2D experiments to assign structure and stereochemistry to intermediates in our natural product total synthesis projects. We are very fortunate to have a machine shop and purchasing facilities all within Chemistry. We are also grateful for a top-notch Chemistry Library housed in Stevenson Center. They permeate the campus so well that most resources are available at your nearest computer or smartphone.
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