Alumina Solvent Drying System
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Johnston group solvent system
Our group uses an alumina-based solvent drying system. Based on the concept described first by Grubbs, and with inspiration from other systems available commercially, our solvent system was designed and fabricated at Indiana University. It is particularly suited to fit in a fume hood that was originally designed for solvent stills. In the picture shown, four solvents (Et2O, THF, CH2Cl2, C6H6) are dried over alumina contained within three-foot stainless steel columns. Benzene is also deoxygenated by a second column containing Q-5 reactant. The entire system is compact and easy to use.

The system shown was approximately $5000 (total for 4 solvents) to build in-house using our machine shop to construct the gas manifold, columns, and brackets that hold the dispensing valve. The dispensing bulbs were fabricated by our in-house glassblower. Since our intent is to encourage safe practices in the laboratory and facilitate experimental synthetic organic chemistry, detailed instructions for building this particular system are available free of charge to any academic or similarly not-for-profit organization qualified to use it. Contact Jeff Johnston directly ( for the instruction packet.
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